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Immunity Booster Tea… What you need to know

Our Immunity Booster Tea is loved by our customers because of its flavors and especially because of its fantastic benefits. During these pandemic times we want to share with you some important health benefits of this herbal mix. Furthermore, we´d like to describe each ingredient and tell you why it is a strong and powerful mix of distinctive spices that makes it a perfect addition to improve our immunity system and consequently have a good standard of living.


Let´s learn more about Tea

Tea is the most consumed beverage after water, and Black tea is the most consumed among teas, leaving Green tea in the second place but far from Black, but nowadays we have access to much more than just Black and Green retail teas.Black, Green, White, Chai, Oolong are some of the options, and It can get a bit confusing with so many different types. Let´s summarize it here so we can all learn about what types of teas nature has given us and how we have processed and mixed them.


Some history of Indian Tea

Indian tea is largely known around the whole world and its popularity among tea fans comes from many years ago. India has gained a strong reputation among the producing countries because of its volume, quality and mix of spices, teas and herbs that have brought health and new flavors to the world.