A review on Emperor Oolong Tea

The dry leaves were a combination of what look to be fuzzy buds and fragments of leaves, possibly a few stems in there. Just from being in the bag, this tea smelled completely different when I heated up the teaware and put the leaves in. It really opened up the aroma of the leaves and I noticed that there were some extremely fruity notes that reached my tongue. It almost smelt like I had a bowl of heated berries. slightly reminiscent of a Blueberry pie. It completely surprised me and made my mouth water. After brewing the tea, I noticed that the wet leaves were nice and green. The more bud-like leaves stayed more intact and the fragment leaves were larger than I expected. They held more of a floral aroma. There were also sweet notes that developed reminding me of nectar and something akin to maple syrup. 

The color of the liquor is a lovely pale yellow color, with the liquid brewing a bit darker after a few infusions. It also was also very clear. I enjoyed brewing this tea in my gaiwan as I was able to delve a bit deeper into some of the intricacies. The taste is very nice and very delicate. A few seconds made a world of difference when brewing this tea. The taste seemed quite subtle at first, but eventually developed into more of a refined taste the more I brewed. It was extremely lovely. There are some delicate floral notes mixed in with eventually a few vegetal ones as well. I did not really taste many of the berry notes I had noticed in the aroma, but I did notice it overall being naturally sweet and even fresh feeling. The mouthfeel of this tea was quite mellow and creamy. Almost a silky feeling to it, as the tea washed over my mouth with each sip. As I continued to drink it, I noticed a few lingering floral notes that kept for a minute or two beyond each sip.

Pricing: The price for this tea is $16 for 100 grams (Currently on sale for $13.90). I think this is quite a fair price for how much tea you are receiving.

Packaging: This tea was in a standard brown pouch. It stayed intact and kept the tea fresh. I did not notice any aroma seeping out of the packaging.

Sourcing: The tea is said to be from Nepal. Tea Wellness is said to only source responsibly produced teas, and they do normally disclose the country and sometimes region of sourcing.

It makes sense that I enjoyed this tea, as it was from Nepal which is one of my favorite tea sourcing areas. This might be one of the first oolongs that I have tried from that region however, and like other teas from there, it did not disappoint. Happy Brewing!

-Danielle from Teandmeco

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